Transform your life through soulful expression

A Lightworkers Lab Online Workshop

In this LIVE, TWO-DAY WORKSHOP students will learn about the divine nature of sound, the power behind energetic frequency, plus how to harness and express their unique soul-signature through the voice to facilitate personal healing, transformation, activation, and alignment. This is a deeply powerful program designed for people who are ready to commune with their soul in new and creative ways and develop sovereign creator energy through vocal expression.

Classes take place August 29 - 30, 2020

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"The human voice is the organ of the soul."

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What if you could implement a practice that would strengthen your inner authority as a divine being and develop the clarity and courage to creatively express your Soul’s purpose? What if you could cultivate a process for deepening your connection to the divine so that you become more of the authentic self your soul designed you to be?

Did you know your voice is perfectly tuned to meet your needs as a unique soul-embodied? You came into this world with everything you needed within you. All of your light-coding, all of the tools needed to develop and express your signature medicine, everything that is needed to live out your purpose is within you, and you can access that inner wisdom through the instrument of your voice.

In Light-Language: Embodying Intention + Frequency, you will learn the metaphysics of sound as part of the fractal of creation. You will discover how to build a deeper connection to your body as an intuitive instrument, and how to create a connection to your divine creative light. You will discover how to deepen your relationship with Source, to your Soul Purpose, and to your Higher Self.

 “The voice is an energetic tool designed to help you discover and activate your authentic self so that you can become more of the creative and purposeful light your soul designed you to be.”

– Kelsey Kinsey White

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This program is for you if...

  • You are a seasoned spiritual seeker looking to develop deeper communion with your body as an instrument of soul OR if you are new to the spiritual path and pursuing methods to enhance your journey of metaphysical awakening.
  • You are ready to discover the divine design behind your sacred voice so that you can experience deeper fulfillment, authenticity, joy, and freedom in your life.
  • You want to raise your vibration, develop your sovereignty as a creator being, and discover the clarity and freedom to embody your soul-signature in new and creative ways.
  • You are fascinated by the metaphysics of sound and resonance and are ready to up-level your experience of inner-communion by utilizing the power of your voice.


What You Will Learn

How to create mind-body-heart coherence

Light-Language is a holistic practice that harmonizes the three aspects of the triune-being. Through this practice we will create deeper connections within our system of consciousness.

How to activate your soul light-codes

Light-Language is a form of channeling that facilitates the activation of light-codes within our field, tuning and calibrating our energetic system to align to its natural, intuitive state.

How to heal through the law of resonance

Through healing ourselves, our vibration and frequency changes. We are able to hold more light within our field and act as a conduit for healing frequencies that can serve others as well.

How to amplify your psychic-intuitive abilities

By developing a practice like Light-Language, you build a relationship with your system of consciousness and energy field, developing your abilities to sense and work within the spiritual realms.

More About This Program

Class One: The Power of Sound (August 29, 2020 @ 2pm PST/4pm CST)  

Students will learn about the practice of Inner-Communion, the importance of process over performance, and explore how their voice is a direct organ of the soul that moves energy into, through, and out of the field.

  • The One Energy: Learn the fundamentals of energy, vibration, frequency, and resonance. Explore the resonant field of creation, vibrational patterning, and the sacred geometry of sound.
  • Sovereign Energy: Discover the power of your voice as a channel of personal autonomy, directly connected to your inner-authority as a divine being of light.
  • The Throat Chakra: Explore the transformative nature of the throat chakra, an instrument of the soul that is specifically tuned to synthesize your soul-essence into form.

Class Two: Activating Your Sacred Sound (August 30, 2020 @2pm PST/4pm CST)

Students will explore the power of their unique voice, learn about their personal soul-signature, integrate deeper understanding of the Law of Resonance, and use their voice in creative ways to channel frequencies of soul-light.

  • Channeling Your Soul: Discover the intuitive artistry of embodying intention + frequency through vocal expression and the brain states associated with light-language.
  • Light-Language Activation: Learn the main source frequencies channeled through light-language. Explore techniques for activating your sacred sound and light-codes.
  • The Law of Resonance: Learn the self-healing properties of light-language and how to heal others through the shared-signal.

ONLY $99

"My work is dedicated to all the courageous people daring to discover themselves, daring to create new modes of being. My mission is to empower individuals to build relationship with their Source-Soul-Self beingness so they can be the change they wish to see in the world through transforming personal and collective paradigms that limit the creative and collaborative potential of humanity.” – Kelsey Kinsey White

Meet Kelsey.

Kelsey is a Soul Emergence Mentor & Authenticity Coach based in Southern California.

Her work focuses on the trinity of Source-Love, Soul-Essence, and Self-Identity, illuminating divine light as the source of the Human-Being, and shifting old paradigms that hold the human identity in separation consciousness.

Kelsey offers a unique coaching/teaching style that focuses on guidance and support channeled from the expanded perspective of the Celestial Realm.

If you are ready to illuminate, activate, and expand into your divine potential, it is Kelsey’s mission to assist and support you along your journey.

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