Live Online Program

The Body of Light

Take an Inner Journey to an Outer Transformation

with Lauren Antuofermo of The Lightworkers Lab

Six week program begins November 5, 2018

Do you have a deep desire to live a spiritually dynamic life -- complete with active and OPEN intuitive abilities -- yet struggle to find the path to physical health, emotional well-being and personal abundance

 It can be lonely searching for the tools, resources, and the spiritual KNOWLEDGE to help you get where you want to go. 

This program was designed to CHANGE ALL OF THAT

 In The Body of Light, you will learn how to heal from past cycles of fear and pain and to THRIVE in the alignment of both the Earth realm and the higher soul star chakras -- all of which carry your divine birth plan

 As a student in this program you will connect to your divine birth right as well as emerge into your true LIFE PURPOSE. This life-shifting program is practical, affordable, and will create dynamic relationships that will help you increase your physical and emotional health as well as your light frequency.  

This 6-week Intensive will teach you: 

  • How the chakras create a portal into your Higher Self and Gaia
  • How to properly manage empathic overload
  • How to use compassion as a tool to heal
  • How to remove blocks to creative manifestation
  • How to live in alignment, increase your connection to Source, and change the way you interact with the world
  • How to shift your beliefs about Self thereby shifting your LIFE

This entire program is live, interactive, and supported through a private Facebook study group and weekly Zoom Coaching Meetings. Specific days and times of the live offerings will vary and will be determined as we approach the program and assess the collective availability.  

Cost: $377

Learn how to hear, interpret and utilize the divine counsel of your Higher Self and Guides

WEEK ONE: Gridding

  • Receive Archangel Attunement No 1: Connecting and integrating your energy body to the crystalline grid of Earth
  • Discover why the energy body of lightworkers needs to grid in order to hold and anchor higher frequencies of light, and how this helps you physically
  • Receive Archangel Attunement No 2: Activating and expanding your self love 
  • Receive the tools to help you return to loving self-awareness and to recognize self judgment vs self love
  • Live Coaching session on above lessons

WEEK TWO: Compassion

  • Learn to listen to the heart and work on skills that alert us to where the heart is leading vs where fear is fighting
  • Discover how to appropriately respond to stimuli and to release the judgments that keep us in counter-productive reacton
  • Learn the skillset needed to apply our new awareness to our environment (the inner world AND outer world)
  • Receive The Sacral Chakra Attunement: Manifesting from clarity and navigating compassion overload and empathy
  • Explore tools to increase our vibratory signature and repair emotional leaks
  • Coaching sessions on above lessons  

WEEK THREE: Beliefs 

  • Discover why we need to adjust beliefs about health and wellbeing
  • Learn how to adjust beliefs through the heart vs the mind
  • Learn to point your interest away from lack-based karmic cycles of pain 
  • Learn how to use current situations to adjust BACK to the path of Higher Self
  • Receive Compassion Attunement 
  • Coaching session on the above

WEEK FOUR: Clarity & Confusion 

  • Move from fear to alignment: Learn how to shift from forced action-oriented energy to intentional life choices based on clarity
  • Understandng pride and achievement: Recognizing and resonating with the truth of an action BEFORE you experience negative results
  • Gain the tools you need to be flexible enough to follow the illuminated path
  • Attunement No 4: The Joy of Creativity & Aligning to the Emotional Field
  • Review of joyful manifestation vs fear-based action
  • Coaching session on above

WEEK FIVE: Manifestation in Action

  • Learn to align to your Higher Self for wisdom-based choices
  • Momentum vs Discipline: Exploring how to make choices and use energy methods to increase the momentum of wealth, health, and compassion  
  • Archangel Attunement No 5: Opening the Heart and Throat chakras
  • Discover how to speak from heart-truth and not fear in order manifest your desres
  • Coaching session on above

WEEK SIX: The Connection

  • Review how to connect to the grid, process emotional energy with clarity, communicate compassion for self and others, and connect to creative solutions for increased light energy and physical manifestation
  • Learn methods for continued success and flexibility when encounterng life’s inevitable curve balls
  • Conclusion and wrap up: Your chakras are now aligned and opened! You are connected to the Earth's crystalline grid and are able to open your third eye effortlessly. Your connection to the Archangelic realm increases and you are manifesting higher energy due to your body being grounded, gridded, and abundantly revealed as Source energy in a physical environment
  • Coaching session on above

Are you ready to connect, grid, manifest and SHIFT? If so, register now!

Cost: $377

Through self-awareness of the body’s alignment to the crystalline grid of earth, as well as the connection of your higher self and the Archangelic realm, your innate creative force will become the new way you project energy into the world instead of fear, worry, or energetic exhaustion. 

Receive practical real-life tools combined with energy medicine and attunements to develop the skillset needed to live authentically and fearlessly, and to connect with the physical manifestation of Gaia and her inhabitants on a regular basis. 

About Lauren

Lauren Antuofermo is a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Speech Channel with the ability to receive spiritual guidance through the Archangels, Spirit Guides, and Akashic Records. She is owner and operator of Soulful Transformations and is a member of the best online community for Lightworkers, The Lightworkers Lab, where she manages and teaches on a regular basis.  

Her prior career as the Fitness and Health Program Expert for the U.S Air Force Reserve Command enabled her to serve and teach thousands. She became a public speaker and motivator on the topics of health and wellness, stress reduction, weight loss, physical wellness and balance, plus much more. During her journey to help others achieve optimal health and wellness Lauren began her own spiritual awakening. After learning meditation and searching for a spiritual practice that felt heart-aligned, Lauren connected to her spirit guides and the Archangelic realm.  

Through her personalized coaching and lightwork Lauren is able to help equip clients with the skills, tools, and knowledge to discover their unique path, heal past traumas, break free of disempowering patterns, and learn to live in the here and now with joy, compassion, abundance, and self-love.  

Lauren’s educational and training background includes being a Reiki Master Instructor, a certified Life Coach, Health Coach, Akashic Record reader, and holding an M.S. in Exercise Science: Fitness and Wellness Track. She also has taken private coaching and mentoring from renowned channeler Sheelagh Maria, Spiritual Teacher Crystal Anne Compton, and astrology expert and author John Hassinger.