Your Birth Chart

Learning The Road Map Of Your Life

Would you like to experience more ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM and JOY? Each soul has a unique desire and plan for each lifetime and your birth chart can show you how to tap into it. 

Looking at the map of your life is less like a pre-determined destination and more like a road trip with many ways to get to your desired destinations. 

Your birth chart is a tool that you can use to help you navigate the deeper soul urges to complete cycles of pain and use the past as a gateway to an abundant future.  


Lauren Antuofermo, Spirit Channel and Intuitive

In this On-Demand Intensive you will learn the art and application of sacred soul agreements by studying the foundational facts of our astrological placements, and how they were truly meant to be expressed. Over seven hours of powerful content designed for the earnest spiritual seeker. 

Customers/students will have access to program materials for one full year from the date of their purchase. 

Your Life Was Written In The Stars Before You Came Here

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This program is for you if...

  • You have ever wanted to dig deeper into your soul’s plan for this lifetime.  
  • You want a simple and clear understanding of your birth chart without confusing it with a bunch of extraneous information. 
  • You desire to find out what your major drives, points of attraction, emotional tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, benefits and challenges are and how to accept these qualities to understand yourself better and move towards the path of your highest and greatest good. 
  • Want to learn how to choose which aspects of your birth chart are the strongest indicators of your soul’s urges and how to interpret the movement of your chart as if it were a wheel of truth rather than a wheel of destination.  

What You Will Learn

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

The foundational principles and understanding of the archetypes of each sign and their purpose on earth. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has a specific purpose and drive on earth beginning with Aries and ending with the 12th sign of Pisces you will see how each contributes to the wholeness of humanity in full cooperation with the vitality of the earth, moon, and stars.

10 Vital Planetary Influences

The meaning and qualities of each of the 10 “planets” that get expressed as points of consciousness in our personality. Each of the planets have a unique quality and depending on their location in your chart will influence everyone in unique ways that stand out to you. You will uncover the secrets of your subconscious drives and learn to accept them as truth and not as faults.

12 Houses of the Birth Chart

Understanding of the 12 houses of the birth chart. The birth chart is a wheel with 12 “houses”. Each of these houses represents a different area of life. Once you learn how to tap into these houses and see which planets made their home in them the moment you were born, you will be able to see where you may have challenges, and where you have support and natural “luck”. 

The Birth Chart Overview Technique

How to figure out your dominant “element”, earth, air, fire, or water. You will be able to use the simple overview technique to see if you tends towards outward expression or more inwardly focused and whether or not you chose to create your own opportunities in life or wanted more structure and specific conditions to respond to as your opportunities to learn and grow. 

More About This Program

Over 7 hours of in-depth content designed for the earnest spiritual seeker. Here's what you will learn:

Class One: How to Use Astrology and Characteristics of the 12 Signs (3hr 28min)

Astrology has a divine role in the design of our universe. The energy signature of each zodiac sign, planetary body, and position helps give us a basis from which to understand ourselves, the world, and the potential for creation in our universe. In this class you will learn how to use Astrology as a tool and a guidance system for your life purpose, goals, emotional drives, and individual expression. You will also learn the typical characteristics and purpose of each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.  

Class Two: The The Archetypes of the Planetary Bodies and Their Role in our Birth Chart (3hr 14min)

In this class you will discover the 10 main planetary bodies used to determine the primary themes, characteristics and positions of consciousness. You will learn the traits of each one, how they relate to the 12 signs of the zodiac, and how to determine their effect on you. We also learn what the position and planetary aspects in your birth chart mean. We will cover square, sextile, opposition, and conjunction and discover how they influence the way you express the energies represented by that alignment. 

Class Three: The 12 Houses of Your Birth Chart (1hr 31 min)

This class is where things really start to come together to create a full and utilizable picture. The Birth Chart is a circle divided into 12 equal parts, with each part being called a “house”. You will learn what areas of life each house represents and what it means when the planets reside in those houses, as well as how the signs that the planets are in while sitting in that house give you a full picture of what is needed, desired, and expressed in that part of your life and personality.

About Lauren Antuofermo

Lauren Antuofermo is a a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Speech Channel. She channels spiritual guidance and information from the Akashic records, the Archangels, and Spirit Guides. Fascinated with the zodiac and astrology since her childhood, Lauren has been an ardent reasearcher, explorer and student of the subject, and recently graduated from the private tutelage of career astrologer Jon Hassinger, author of "Basic Astrology for the Absolute Beginner" and "Qabala for the Absolute Beginner".

Her work encourages people to let go of false narratives through the light of compassion and the truth of the universal laws of unconditional love, light, and abundance.  

Her education and professional certifications include an M.S. in Exercise Science, Weight Loss Coach, Life Coach, and more. She is certified in Intuitive/Psychic Development, Akashic Record readings, Mediumship, Crystal Healing and Reiki Master Instructor. She is also a head teacher and manager of The Lightworkers Lab.

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