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Animal Communication with Tricia Carr 

Learning the Spiritual Language of Animals and Nature

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As caring and sensitive people, we feel deeply the value of all life. Many of us know the profundity that is experienced in the human-animal bond.  

The connection we have with animals originates at the level of the soul. We are compelled to nurture animals, to provide them with an environment that fosters health and self-actualization. We long to understand their every desire and to assist in fulfilling each of them.  

Animals teach us unconditional love and presence with the expertise and loyalty of a master. A clear connection with animals equals a clear connection with nature and with the Universe.  

Your ability to communicate in detail with animals is a natural as your love for them. The only reason this natural ability seems unknown to you (if it does) is that it is obscured with conditioning and misinformation – something that each and every one of us (humans) experience.  

But your remembrance of how to do it is just below the surface!

Animal Communication with Tricia Carr is a comprehensive program that teaches, step-by-step, the spiritual skill of direct communication with animals and nature. You will learn interspecies telepathic communication, animal mediumship and animal energy healing through direct heart/soul connection. This course is self-paced and on-demand. That means that you can register now, receive access and begin working immediately and at your own pace.  

The whole program contains over 12 hours of lessons and techniques organized in four topical modules. Take the program in four weeks or in a slower pace. Each lesson is packed with content! Whether you are interested in the profession or would like to connect more deeply with your animal family members, having an understanding of this form of telepathy will enhance your life and your other intuitive gifts.


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Your mind will be blown by what you can perceive from animals!

MODULE ONE: The Connection: What Is Telepathy? 

  • Learn about your first language and the primary language of nature and the rest of the Universe.
  •  Learn about the animal/nature perspective. It is important to understand what to expect and how to avoid projecting when connecting with animals.
  • How does it work? Learn what animals offer as language as well as what they experience in communication with us. How is it different from other spiritual connection? 
  • Learn the distinction between connecting directly to an incarnated animal as opposed to higher selves, guides and other types of psychic perception.
  • Practice! With the program, you have access to a private community hosted on Facebook where you can engage in practice with the other members and their animals.

MODULE TWO: Animal Spirituality

  • Learn about animals’ spiritual journey, abilities, practices, karma and their place in the Universal plan.
  • Past life connections – have you been together before? Will you be together again? Learn how to ask these questions and understand how the answers help.
  • Learn about how the realms of the Angelic and the Nature Spirits interact with animals and humans.
  • Your spiritual abilities – Learn how to activate your clairvoyance and other clair-senses and how to use them in animal communication.
  • Animal Mediumship – Learn how to connect to passed animals, what to expect from the continuing relationship and how this communication can be a healing process.

MODULE THREE: Functional Interspecies Telepathy 

  • Details and validation – learn the importance of bringing through details that humans can understand and how to enhance this skill.
  • Translating from animal to human – learn how to liaise and transliterate the energetic communication from an animal to a human.
  • Behavioral, physical and emotional issues – learn how to counsel and advise animals and humans when challenges arise.
  • Animals are our mirrors and healers. Learn how your our animal family member is helping you to learn what your inner being is teaching you and how your animal is healing you his/herself!
  • Empathic body scanning – learn this important technique that allows you to feel the animal’s body as though it is your own and then to interpret what you feel to advise on health and wellness. 

MODULE FOUR: Healing Communication

  • Energy healing and the animal chakra system – learn how to use the skill of direct telepathy to tune and heal energy fields.
  • Death and dying. Learn how to counsel and support during the time of transition from physical to spirit.
  • Lost animals – learn techniques to assist in the reunion of human and animal.
  • Skeptics – whether it is your friend or a client, learn how to feel secure about your telepathy practice when met with skeptics and doubters.
  • Professional animal communication – learn how to conduct a professional session and tips on how to begin or enhance your animal communication business.


  • Downloadable mp3, produced meditation to ground and activate your full 12-chakra system
  • An overview of the four divisions of the elemental kingdoms of nature spirits
  • How to connect with wild nature, the elements, trees and Gaia, Herself
  • How to divine signs and synchronicities from Spirit by your connection with nature
  • How the realms of the Angelic and the Nature Spirits interact with animals and humans
  • How to use scrying, a divination technique, in animal energy healing
  • Technique to connect with faeries and animals, together 

This is a multi-media, self-administered program that comes with access to a curated private community for practice and fellowship. You will retain access to the material for a minimum of one year to review and enhance your understanding. This course contains over 12 hours of thorough metaphysical/spiritual education and techniques. All levels of development are welcome; just bring your love for animals! 

Whether you are interested in a profession as an animal communicator or would like to connect more deeply with your animal family members, having an understanding of this form of telepathy will enhance your life and your other intuitive gifts.

Investment for total program: $444

About Your Teacher

Tricia Carr is a spiritual teacher, medium, healer, animal/nature telepath and an ambassador of multi-dimensional connection. Tricia works with people, animals and ecosystems all over the world providing classes, workshops, mentoring, speaking engagements, one-on-one sessions, articles, podcasts and video content creation.  

Tricia is the creator and host of Charmed Life, an online TV talk show and podcast discussing topics of spirituality with expert guest hosts. Charmed Life is live broadcasted weekly from Hollywood, CA.  

In addition to the many valuable teachers from whom she has learned, Tricia has a B.A. from the University of Metaphysics and is working toward her Doctoral Degree of Divinity from the same institution. You can also visit Tricia's website here.