Manifesting With Magic

Your Spiritual Tool Box for Connection, Alignment and Manifestation 

Would you like to master your natural MAGICAL POWERS? Did you know that there are many scientific studies that prove the reality of magic and divination? If you are ready to become a master magician, to experience your magic in your heart and in the physical world, then you will love this class! Manifestation Magic is spiritual technology that can swiftly bring you into alignment, super charge your frequency and shift your world. It combines the principles of personal development and self-healing with the Universal Laws that govern energy. As a Lightworker, you are a naturally talented magician. Turn your talent into DREAMS COME TRUE by honing your divination skills! 

Tricia Carr, Intuitive + Teacher of Nature and Spirit

In this LIVE, TWO-DAY WORKSHOP, you will learn the spiritual technology of Divination Magic. Amplify your connection to Spirit and master your skills as a creator and lightworker! Over seven hours of powerful content designed for the earnest spiritual seeker.  

Classes start December 15 - 16, 2018

Upgrade and Expand your Spiritual Toolbox for Manifestation

Manifestation Magic is the process of identifying with Source Energy so precisely that your true and specific soul’s purpose manifests, both in your inner world and in the outer world.  

By mapping the natural creation process, you can swiftly move through limitations and unnecessary blocks. You are here to ACTUALIZE THE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL!  

The beauty of Manifesting with Magic is how it works both inside and out. In becoming a master magician, you will shift your inner world with ease to create a wonder-filled outer world!  

Just think: if you wanted to build a house, you would gather the tools needed for the job and learn to use them expertly. Manifesting with Magic is the LIGHTWORKER’S EXPERT TOOLBOX to build and design life

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This program is for you if...

  • You are ready to make powerful shifts in your world 
  • You would like to learn how to master the natural, Universal creative process
  • You would like to create abundance through co-creating with the Universe
  • You would like to learn, step-by-step about spiritual tools and how to use them to bring form to your desires
  • You are ready to release what no longer serves you and design a life for yourself that you will LOVE 

What You Will Learn

How To Identify Your Soul’s Desires & Release Fears

Everyone has fearful beliefs that effectively inhibit their connection to their higher purpose. By mastering Divination Magic, you will learn how to sharpen your focus upon your inner truth so that fear is bypassed and ultimately dropped.  

Fundamental & Advanced Divination Techniques

This workshop sets a firm foundation for your magical craft to grow. We will learn new techniques to use well-known tools, and we will study new, advanced tools. This foundation will set you up for continued exploration and development!

Universal Principles of Energy & The Magical Mindset

Universal Laws that govern energy are pure and simple. The key to manifesting your highest good is to become one with the process. You will learn divination techniques that work to program your mind to impress your purpose upon the Universal Field. Experience your purpose as reality!

Finances, Relationships & Magical Skills

Learn specific techniques to activate prosperity, an ideal lifestyle, loving relationships and more. You will also learn how to use your magical skills to dematerialize and to move forward from old manifestations to new ones. Being a master magician is risk-free!  

More About This Program

Manifesting With Magic is an online class designed for those who are ready to manifest a new and exciting reality. It is suitable for all levels of education and development.  

Class One: Fundamentals of Divination & Real Magic

Saturday 4:30PM CST

Working with the natural creative process, you will learn how to tune your frequency to manifest specific outcomes. 

You will super-charge your connection to the Universal guidance system to inform your actions and raise your vibration. Learn, step-by-step, how to identify with pure creator essence to bring your soul’s purpose to life.  

Tricia Carr will teach you techniques to connect your heart and mind to the Universal manifesting power. You will learn exactly how and why magic is real! 

Say good-bye to doubts and fears as you gain practical understanding about how Divination Magic works.  

Class Two: Manifesting Tools and Skills 

Sunday 4:30pm CST

You will learn divination tools and techniques for finances, career/lifestyle, relationships, wellness, helping others with your lightwork and more.  

Tricia will work with Spirit to channel to you the most powerful divination tools and techniques for our specific time/space experience. You will learn practical steps to activate the spiritual technology of Divination Magic.  

Learn to use divination tools in fun and effective ways. Not only can you change your inner and outer worlds, but you can also have fun in the process! 

Diagnose why your old methods generate inconsistent messaging, do not result in your desired outcome or are too complex to sustain. Learn new ways to use old tools and brand new tools altogether.  

Learn how to select the right technique for each situation, to guide you and facilitate your manifesting power. 

This training will be comprehensive and simple at once; equipping you to build upon your new skills in your unique way.

About Tricia Carr

Tricia Carr is a Healing Artist in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing upon gifts as an animal/nature communicator, medium and energy healer, Tricia works with people and animals all over the world teaching, mentoring and providing one-on-one sessions.  

Tricia weekly hosts Charmed Life, a live broadcasted online TV talk show discussing topics of spirituality with expert guests. Charmed Life is published on YouTube and podcast outlets along with other content Tricia creates. Tricia frequently guest hosts on other podcasts and radio shows.  

As a writer, Tricia is a HuffPost blogger and has articles featured on several online magazines. Tricia is authoring several books, one of which is entitled Animals Are Whos Too: What Animals Teach about Life, Love and the Universe.  

Mission statement: “My mission is to serve as a teacher of Nature and Spirit, as a prophet for Gaia to all of her inhabitants. I specialize in helping people remember their multidimensionality and to relearn this form of magical communication. My spiritual skills include mediumship, animal/nature telepathy, channeling and energy healing.”  

You can view Tricia's website by clicking here:  


ONLY $88